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  In this series, I show several sites I've located in Northwest Arizona, just south of the Utah border. All seven sites are in the same general area and are between the towns of Littlefield, Arizona, and St. George, Utah, specifically 11.25 miles Northeast of Littlefield, Arizona and
9.5 miles Southwest of St. George, Utah. If there is someone local to these sites and would
like to be part of my adventure by visiting them I would be grateful for a confirmation of my
findings. I would be happy to post a written account of your visit to my website.  Also pictures
you provide.

in the sub-albums show an area of the landscape where I believe alterations were made
in the ancient past by indigenous Inhabitants. The type of   human-made changes to the landscape I see are similar to ones I've found in other parts of the world. Since these are located in the United States, I've decided to
include the GPS information for each site shown.

Each sub-album contains two images one image is of the original site as found.  The second image
is a copy of the original where I've overlaid a colored line drawing showing some of the details I see.
There are many more details in the images than what I've indicated with colored lines if you look closely. I don't have the time. I'm exploring the entire world!

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