G Eastman's Worldwide Archaeological Discoveries

Ancient megalithic tombs, lost cities, and odd structures discovered using satellite imagery.


Notice: The publication of images representing archaeological discoveries contained within this website are solely accredited to G. D. Eastman, all rights due to discoveries contained herein are owned by the aforementioned. The images, dates of image acquisitions, along with corresponding GPS coordinates, serve as proof of discoveries.


Images best viewed with a Ultra HD(4K) monitor and enlarging the pictures for details. Mobile phones can enlarge by very quick double tapping the images. If you don't see anything in the images try viewing the comparison pics. The areas of interest are usually near/in the center. Many are very hard to see, don't feel bad it took me a while before I got the hang of it.


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2018-03-10 11-57-44ter hf2

2018-03-10 11-57-44ter hf2

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